Igu Aro Amawbia

(i) 1st Month (Onwa Abubo): Beginning of Amanwulu title after abubo festival there will be no burial ceremony from this period to the beginning of the month end. (ii) 2nd Month (Onwa Ibo): Amanwulu ceremony begins. Worship of Udo at Ezimezi and...

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Amawbia Youth Vanguard

BRIEF HISTORY OF AMAWBIA YOUTHS In the past i.e. from the origin of Amawbia, their exist a typical traditional youth Organization called initiation into manhood society (Iba mmonwu) or initiation  into Age-Grade formation which can be categorized...

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Amawbia Age Grades

(1). Ulomma or Umuatu 1854 -1859 (2). Udoabagu or Agbudu 1860 – 1865 (3). Umuofia 1866 – 1871 (4). Umuenyi 1872 – 1877 (5). Amobi or Ochookwu 1878 – 1883 (6). Osingo 1884 – 1889 (7). Nchaba 1890 – 1895 (8)...

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HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE (1939 – 1943) INTRODUCTION: Age grade system is one of the most important socio-political institutions in Igboland. No body today knows how and when age grade system came into being in Igboland because the system is older...

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