The school was formerly called secondary school Amawbia. It was founded in  1978 with  Mrs.  J.  Anugwu  as the pioneer   principal . with time the school became popular with a teaming population and renowned academic excellence


The population of the school dropped due to prolonged strike .The  school is now co-educational accommodating both boy s and girls. Consequently the name community secondary school.

The school is situated on a hill along Enugwu-Agidi Road close to Nigeria Television Authority.



The following are the succession of principals

  1. Mrs. J. Anugwu -1978-1981
  2. Mrs. FNC Onwuka -1982-1981
  3. Mrs. V.C.Nwosu –
  4. Mrs. C.N. Abba -1988-1990
  5. Mrs. I.A Okudo -1991-1998
  6. Mrs. E.U. Amaechina             -1998-1999
  7. Mrs. G.N.Ukanwoke             -1999-1999
  8. Mrs. C.K.Anewueh             -June-Nov.2000
  9. Mrs. L.N.Onwuka -Nov.-2000-2003
  10. Mrs. A.C.Okeke -Dec.2003
  11. Mrs. A.Oputa             -2004-2005
  12. Mrs. C.A. Akoh -2005-2007
  13. Mrs. Anyaene,P.O. -2008-2009
  14. Ezidiegwu, B.I -2007-2008
  15. Mr. Okechukwu,N.E             -2009-2010
  16. Mr. Nwafulume E.U.             -200-2012
  17. Mrs. Onugha,R.N. -2012Till date
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