The Ifeadigo Age Grade of Amawbia town in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria welcomes you to Amawbia website.


We are hardworking, educated, resourceful age bracket of men born between 1971 to 1974. This noble age bracket was officially registered (called Ifu-ogbo) on 30-12-2002. The age grade comprises of university dons, engineers, doctors, civil servants, business tycoons, contractors, transporters, merchants, tradesmen and other professionals. Its motto is known and address as Ife Amawbia.



  • To maintain and nurture a spirit of brotherhood, patriotism, love and co-operation among members.
  • To promote development and maintain culture, customs and tradition of Amawbia and Age Grade.
  • To defend and protect the right and interest of the Age Grade and the entire members wherever they are.
  • To encourage the progress and welfare of the Age Grade and Amawbia in general.
  • To contribute to peace, unity and progress of the members.
  • To co-operate with the ruling organs of the Town, local, state and federal government in matters affecting the interest and integrity of members and Amawbia.
  • To accord respect/help to our falling brothers wife and children.



Membership is about  500 in number and open to only

  • Male adult of Amawbia citizen born within the year of 1971 to 1974.
  • Second cousins (Nwadianas) who have naturalized with family of the mother’s origin.
  • Any other person that have lived in Amawbia Town for ten (10) years and above and falls within the age bracket (1971 – 1974) found worthy of good character is eligible to be a member.

Organs of the Age Grade

  • President,
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Financial Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Provost
  • Director of Social
  • Village Representatives
  • Auditors


Ifeadigo Age Grade is known for its famous Ijele Masquerade. Ijele is, in many respects, a great masquerade. True to its greatness, it appears only on rare occasions. It is an Igbo masquerade, while entertaining the public with dances, music and jokes, perform other vital roles beyond mere entertainment. The greatness of Ijele is further illustrated by the number of relatively minor masquerades which precedes and herald its appearance many months in advance.


The Ijele dance in 1948 in Amawbia was organized by Enuoji Village. It is also on record that in 1973, Igwebuike Age Grade following along the footsteps of the past revive d this aspect of our culture. To rekindle the light of our culture, Ifeadigo Age Grade on 30th Day of December 2009, followed the footsteps of the past by reviving the Ijele masquerade.

Achievements and Future Plans

  • Yearly contributions to the two biggest religious bodies in town.
  • Plans towards development of Amawbia Boys Secondary School.
  • Help our falling brothers families.
  • Help members in difficulty.
  • Looking forward to overall development of Amawbia.


Roll Call of its Past Executive and Past Executive Bodies – 2019 – to date

Chairman                              –         Comrade Nnamdi Onwuzuligbo

Vice Chairman                     –         Mr. Anthony Nwankwo

Secretary                               –         Mr. Emeka Okoye

Assistant Secretary             –         Mr Onuora Chigbo

Financial Secretary             –         Mr  Ifeanyi Nwalusi

Treasurer                              –         Mr. Nnamdi Odumodu

Provost                                  –         Mr. Ikechukwu Obiechine

Director of Social                –         Mr. Chinedu Dijeh & Mr. Jekwu Nwosu

Roll Call of its Past Executive and Past Executive Bodies – 2008 – 2019

Chairman                              –         Hon. Obiora Nwoye

Vice Chairman                     –         Hon. Emeka Adigwe

Secretary                               –         Comrade Ifeanyi Nwankwo

Assistant Secretary             –         Hon. Emeka Okoye (Oba)

Financial Secretary             –         Mr  Ifeanyi Nwalusi

Treasurer                              –         Comrade Emeka Onwuzuligbo

Provost                                  –         Comrade Gozie Nwanebe

Director of Social                –         Hon. Martin Ogbonna

Village Rep.

  • Chiedozie Okoye       –           Umueze
  • Ifesi Aniemene          –           Umueze
  • Emeka Okoye            –           Ngene
  • Uchenna Oguejiofor –           Ngene
  • Odumodu Nnamdi   –           Enuoji
  • Anthony Nwankwo  –           Umukabia
  • Ejike Chiedozie         –           Ezimezi
  • Ejike Okafor              –           Adabebe


Pioneer Chairman               –          Ben Okeke                             2002 – 2005

Secretary                               –          Odumodu Nnamdi              2002 – 2005


Transition Chairman          –          Emeka Adigwe                     2005-2006

Nwalusi Ifeanyi

Amaechi Aghanya

Chinenye Katchi


Immediate Past Chairman       –           Odumodu Nnamdi               2006 – 2009

Secretary                                      –           Tochukwu Udogu                 2006 – 2009


Patron            –           Nze Pius Nwizu

Nna Egwu     –           Ozo Dan Maduka

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