Igu Aro Amawbia

(i) 1st Month (Onwa Abubo): Beginning of Amanwulu title after abubo festival there will be no burial ceremony from this period to the beginning of the month end.

(ii) 2nd Month (Onwa Ibo): Amanwulu ceremony begins. Worship of Udo at Ezimezi and Umu-nnama, Ukwu of festival.

(iii) 3rd Month (Onwa Ito): No festival. Amanwulu ceremony continues.

(iv) 4th Month (Onwa Ino): Ji Nru festival. Amanwulu ceremony ends and burial ceremony begins.

(v) 5th Month (Onwa Ise): Nwabuike family of Umukabia makes a public call for palm wine (Maa nkwu) and declares all the festivals for the month which are (a) Afia-joku (b) Alom-chi (c) Agwu.

(vi) 6th Month (Onwa Isii): Nwabuike family makes a public call for palm wine in name of Isi-Isiakpu. The day for eating of new yam (Iwa Ji or Isu Nsi) is fixed. Umu Ezionyia family of Umukabia invite the Ozo holders, give them wine and declare the day for taking of new yams to Oye Market at Ezioye Ezimezi (Ikpo Ji) after which yams will be eaten by Ozo holders and sold in the markets.

(vii) 7th Month (Onwa Asaa): Umu Ezionyia family make a public call for palm wine. The Elders answer and celebrate Otite Awofia (the father of Amawbia) at Ezeonyia’s house. This is followed by Otite Ada-ora at Ezeriam’s house at Ngene. General Otite by every family comes on 20th day of that month.

(viii) 8th Month (Onwa Asato): Afor and Eke: “Itu egbo alumsi” ceremony begins other day when Onwa Asato festival begins on Nkwo day and ends on Oye day. In the evening of that day public call for win is made for the next day (Afo) when Elders assemble at Eze-Ajana residence. This is the final day in any year for redeeming leased land. Before Onwa Asato festival all title holders (Nze-na-Ozo) worship Egbo. (Itu egbonmadi).

(ix) 9th Month (Onwa Teghete): “Egwu ajagu ceremony”

(x) 10th Month (Onwa Iri): Nil

(xi) 11th Month (Di-Okpala Onwa Iri): Nwabike family makes public call for palm wine (Maa Nkwu). Elders answer and fix a day for Okike festival.

(xii) 12th Month (Onwa Ede Mmuo): Ezeonyia family makes public call for palm wine. Ozo holders respond and the day for Ede-Muo (coco-yam) festival is announced together with the day for a New Year (Igu-Aro).

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