Ozo title taking in Amawbia town was reviewed in 1947 – 1948 and certain aspect of its performance was approved to be made entirely in cash.

Ozo Title taking in Amawbia is performed in two stages:

  1. 1. Kpololo Ozo or Ozo uno-ngu
  2. 2. Ozo Ochichi or Igba Nkpu.

Kpololo Ozo must be performed before the Ozo Ochichi just as Amanwulu is performed before Isa-ekwu in the villages. Kpololo or Ozo Uno-ngu can not be performed on the same day with Ozo ochichi because of qualification and convenience of participants.
The aspirant shall commence with a visit to H.R.H. Okpaligwe of Amawbia to acquaint him of his ambition to take the Ozo title. He shall present to the Okpaligwe 4 pieces of Kolanut, 1 bottle of quality hot drink and the sum of N20,000.

After consultations with the Okpaligwe, he shall then proceed to the Head of Ozo title society with the following items: 4 kolanuts, one hot drink or money in lieu, and the sum of N10,000. On accepting the gifts, the head of the title holders shall disclose to the aspirant the names of the Ozo title holders living whom he will invite as well as the first sons of Ozo title holders whom are dead shall be invited to his ceremony. The head of Ozo will examine the candidates fitness both character and financial capacity before approval. He shall then proceed to perform the ceremony of Isete Ite Ozo as follows: the aspirant shall go to the last Ozo title holder to perform the collection of the Isete Ite Ozo. He must present him with 4 kolanuts and one bottle of hot drink and the sum of N2,000 only.

Performance of Kpololo Ozo: On the arrival of the invited Ozo title holders, he must present them with the following: 8 kolanuts, 2 gallons of palm wine, one big basin of abacha ncha with sufficient quantity of dried fish or whole goat meat. The Ozo pot of unadulterated palm wine must be present. The sum of N30,000 cash to be shared among the Ozo title holders and the first sons of deceased title holders. He shall pay the sum of N5,000 to Amawbia Town Union.

Ozo Ochichi or Idaba: On arrival of the Ozo title holders (Ozo Ochichi holders) at the aspirant’s house, he shall welcome them with the following: 8 kola nuts, 2 gallons of palm wine and enough kola nuts to go round.
The above is called iche oji, then he will produce the following: N200,000 cash called “Ego Ozo” for them to share, ite Ozo or the big Ozo pot filled with unadulterated palm wine and the following food items:- one big basin of abacha ncha with 2 big rolls of asa azu “fish”, one big basin of pounded yam with rich egwusi soup with lots of meat inside. One carton of small stout for each living Ozo title holder and one big cow ‘live’ to be shared by all Ozo Ochichi title holders.

The aspirant and his first living and accepted wife by him are required to present to the head of the Ozo title man a big bowl of abacha ncha and one cock and two big yam to be taken home by him. After these presentations and acceptance ceremony have been completed, the Ozo aspirant is called out with his first wife for the wearing of “ITALI OZO” “IGBA MKPU” to the feet of the aspirant and ordinary “OWULU OZO” on his wife’s feet. In addition, the oath of the society is administered on the aspirant in the presence of the other Ozo title holders by the head of the Ozo title holders, while the other members will confirm the oath by stamping their ngwu agiliga together. The new Ozo announces his Ozo names and gun shots may be fired to signify the celebration. He become from that day fully initiated into Ozo title society. The entertainment with food and drinks may continue as long as he wishes but not exceeding 23 days.
The new Ozo member can be drafted into ichie order after performing the rights which is administered by the head of ichie order.

Code of Conduct
The following code of conduct shall be observed by all Ozo title holders:

  1. the head of the Ozo title society shall not accept another application for initiation within less than two months from the first accepted by him.
  2. Ozo title holders convicted of murder, theft, cheating, and any scandalous crime that may bring shame and disgrace to the title and to the town shall be stripped of the title by the Okpaligwe of Amawbia after due consultation with Ozo members.

Position of H.R.H. Okpaligwe Amawbia in Ozo Amawbia Society
The Okpaligwe shall be accorded the most befitting position in the Ozo Amawbia Society as he is the custodian of Amawbia tradition and custom. He is not head of Ozo title society except if it is his turn in the ranking to be the head. He shall be accorded the usual protocol demanded by his position as the traditional ruler of the town. When he attends any Ozo society function, he shall be received by the other members standing and giving the ovation of “okpaligwe-o”. He shall take his seat before the others are seated. He shall be given his own share of food and drinks separately. When leaving the function, he shall be accorded the same ovation with members standing up.

Ozo Amawbia Oath Of Office

I, Ozo________________Of_____________Village, Amawbia do declare on oath to protect, defend and cherish the Sacred Ozo tradition of Amawbia to the best of my ability and acknowledge the traditional and civic authorities of the Okpaligwe of Amawbia and the A.T.U. Constitution. So help me God/Chukwu.

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